Post-Implant Surgery Care Instructions for Rapid Healing

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Please take your medications as prescribed plus Acidophilus (a non-prescription food supplement) throughout the antibiotic treatment.

Avoid smoking for at least 2 weeks!

Do not wear partials or dentures until cleared with Dr. Binon or Dr. Pritsky.

Pain may increase over 24 hours, but should be controlled by pain medications.  Any increase in pain that occurs after the 3rd day should be reported.

Swelling may increase up to 3 days.  Please report swelling increase beyond that time.

Eat soft foods after surgery (ex. soups, ice cream, mashed potatoes).  Please avoid excessively hot/cold and granular or hard foods.


24 Hours Post-Surgery

If bleeding is noted, apply pressure with gauze for 30 minutes.

Do not rinse your mouth.

Apply ice (alternating 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off).

Sleep in a semi-reclined position and on the side opposite the surgical site to minimize swelling. Do not drink/eat hot drinks/foods.

Avoid spitting.  Either swallow or bring any fluids forward with your tongue and wipe with a towel or gauze.


After 24 Hours Post-Surgery

Avoid brushing the surgical area for 2 weeks.

Rinse with ½ oz. Peridex twice a day as a substitute to brushing.

Avoid sucking the surgical area for 2 weeks.

Avoid exercise and physical activity for 7 days.

Apply Oxyfresh liberally to the wound twice a day.


Please contact Dr. Pritsky at any time with questions and/or concerns: (559) 360-1723 or Dr. Binon at (916) 786 6676

*For 2 months: Avoid chewing food on the same side of your mouth that implant was placed*


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