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Recent Lectures

Showcasing Expertise Through Educational Engagements

Dr. Paul P. Binon, a renowned dental professional based in Roseville, has been an active participant in the dental community, sharing his extensive knowledge and experience through various lectures. These lectures cover a wide range of topics in the field of implant dentistry and prosthodontics. Below is a summary of his recent lectures:

California Dental Laboratory Association 45th Annual Congress, San Francisco, CA, Sept. 16, 2006

This lecture focused on the intricacies of designing dental implants for removable and combination cases, emphasizing the importance of personalized treatment planning.


Treatment Planning Complications and Surgical Misques: What Were You Thinking?

Dr. Binon discussed common complications and errors in treatment planning and surgery, providing insights into better decision-making processes in implant dentistry.

2.5 Hr. Symposia, California Dental Association, May 3, 2007, Anaheim, CA

An extensive symposium covering various aspects of implant-assisted prosthodontics, including fixed, removable, and combination prosthetic solutions.

J. F. Johnson Advanced Prosthodontic Society, Indiana University, June 14, 2010, Indianapolis, Indiana

A detailed presentation on the immediate placement and restoration of zygomatic implants, showcasing advanced techniques and treatment outcomes.

Perio Study Group, Nov. 9, 2010, Fresno, CA

This lecture delved into the restoration of the maxilla and mandible using dental implants, highlighting the challenges and solutions in these complex cases.

Northern California Dental Laboratory Association, March 2011, Reno, NV

A comprehensive discussion on removable prosthodontics assisted by dental implants, focusing on the technological advancements and clinical techniques.

Engage with Dr. Binon’s Expertise

To learn more about Dr. Binon’s lectures or to engage with his expertise, visit us at Paul Binon DDS in Roseville. Whether you are a dental professional or a patient interested in advanced dental care, Dr. Binon’s insights and experience are invaluable. Call us at (916) 786-6676 to schedule a consultation or to inquire about upcoming lectures and events. We are dedicated to advancing dental education and providing exceptional care to our patients.

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